Trick or treat - wanna learn about Jesus?

Dear Everyone:

We started teaching a new guy this week, Anthony. He's actually not that new - the Elders have been teaching him for a couple months. But, it got to the point where it was almost impossible for them to actually teach him anything, because he just viewed them as friends and would just tell them about all of his problems every time they went over. So they dropped him. But, he's really good friends with a ward member, who wasn't willing to give up on Anthony yet. So now we're teaching him twice a week at the ward member's home. It's awesome. Anthony is so prepared - he is totally willing to do whatever it takes to help him get closer to God.
On Saturday we did a service project at Troy and Kathy's house. He's got a really bad back and she works a lot, so they had a lot of stuff around the house that had been kind of neglected. We helped stack wood and we helped build a stone wall around his trees. We also helped another family in the ward rake their leaves again this week. I'm practically a true Vermonter now.
Saturday was the ward Trunk or Treat. It was like almost every other ward activity - chaos. It was lots of fun though, and there were tons of people there, active member, less-active member, and non-member alike. Sister Frampton and I were on a budget, so for our costumes we just switched name tags and confused everyone who didn't know us very well.
For Halloween this week the mission rule is that we all need to be in our apartments by dark - or 5:00 here. Probably because if we were trying to tract on Halloween we'd mostly just end up with lots of candy and not very many return appointments. So instead of getting free sweets, we get to spend all evening deep cleaning our apartment! I love missions!
This week was kinda slow. We're starting to run out of ideas on how to find new people - it's getting colder so people aren't out in the streets as much anymore and it gets dark earlier, so people aren't as willing to let us in in the evenings. So we're struggling a bit. But it'll get better. We can feel it!

I love you all. Slip a couple mormon.org cards in someone's goodie bag this Halloween. Eternal salvation is a much better treat than a Snickers or Kit-Kat. Seriously.

Sister Lindsey Berg

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