What happens in Vermont, stays in Vermont... but nothing really ever happens in Vermont.

Dear Everyone:

Guess what everybody! Anthony is getting baptized! On November 23rd! It's so exciting!
It's amazing because I'm about 99% sure that the only real difference between when the Elders were teaching Anthony and the time that we've been teaching Anthony is that ward members got involved. Like I said last week, we've been teaching Anthony at a member's home. And their house is so much more welcoming to the Spirit that it makes it so much easier to help Anthony feel and recognize the Spirit as we teach him!
Seriously you guys. Member missionary work is the way to go!
Other than that miracle, this week was really slow. A lot of our appointments fell through and just not a lot happened. Kind of rough. We're trying really hard to find new people to teach and nothings happening yet. It's hard to get people to want to learn more about how they can draw closer to God when they don't believe in God in the first place. And it's really frustrating to me, because I just can't see how people can't believe in God! It's so obvious that He's there, just look at the world around us!
Sometimes I don't understand people.
So ya. Not a ton to report for this week. We got a new ward mission leader last week and he's super excited. We've come up with some really good ideas on how to get the members in the ward more involved with the work by trying to come up with events that will give them the opportunity to share the gospel with their friends.
It's awesome when members tell us how they've been praying for missionary opportunities and they've been given opportunities to share! It's just hard because nothing is coming of those experiences yet and I'm really impatient. Unfortunately, not everything happens when I want it to happen.
I just keep telling myself that it's the Lord trying to make me a better person. Hopefully it'll actually work.
Well, that's it for this week. Not much else to share. Hopefully we'll find some awesome people to teach soon. We're trying!

I love you all!

Sister Lindsey Berg

P.S. So the picture this week is of Sister Frampton and I with Donnella, one of the girls from the ward here. She moves to Utah tomorrow. Sometimes people call us Charlie's Angels, so we thought this pose was fitting.

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