I'm thankful that little kids love getting baptized.

Dear Everyone:

I meant to send some really awesome pictures this week, but I forgot my camera cord. Sorry.
This week was good! Saturday we had a baptism for Ezra, an 8-year we've been teaching for the last 2 months. It was really awesome - he had a lot of his family there, none of whom are members except for his mom. They were super nice and it was a really happy event. We were also able to give them a tour of the church building afterwards and go to lunch with all of his family as well. They were really cool - one of this aunts and uncles had even gotten him a CTR ring! It was lots of fun though, and now we're just hoping that Ezra and his mom will continue to stay strong and active!
We also got to spend all day Tuesday baking with Kathy. She taught Sister Frampton and I how to make cinnamon rolls and I made my very first apple pie. It was delicious. We taught Kathy's granddaughter Frankie a little bit about the church as we mixed and ate and left her with a Book of Mormon. She seemed really excited about it and promised to start reading it! We're going over to make cookies again this week and Frankie should be there again, so we'll follow up and hopefully she'll continue to progress.
This weekend is transfer calls and I'm super nervous - I have no idea what's going to happen! I really don't want either of us to get transferred - Sister Frampton is my favorite and we work so well together! Sister Frampton has been here one transfer longer than me, so technically she should be the one leaving, but we aren't sure. I don't want to leave though! I love Montpelier. The ward here is amazing. We weren't very good missionaries and made faces at the little girls sitting in front of us all during sacrament meeting yesterday. It was so much fun! I love little kids.
For Thanksgiving we're going to dinner/lunch at a member's home. Then we're just going pie hopping for the rest of the day. The nice thing about being a missionary is that normally, people feel so bad for you that you're away from home for the holiday that everyone invites you over. So we have 5 different families we're eating with that day. It'll be awesome. And fattening.
This is the best time of the year to be a missionary though! It's almost Christmas! And most people are totally open to hearing about Jesus during Christmas time! The ward has come up with some great activities for this year, so we're working on spreading the word and getting some excitement going - both within the ward and among those we come across. We're practically inviting everything that moves to come to our activities.
Sad side note, I'm pretty sure I ran over a chipmunk this morning. So that's no longer moving. Apparently I'm dangerous when behind the wheel of a car.
Back to missionary work though, it's going great. And now it's starting to snow, so we get to start doing what missionaries in New England do best: shovel snow and tell people about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ - all at the same time! I'm really excited, I feel like our work is going to start picking up a ton over the next couple weeks!
Well, since Thanksgiving is this week, I might as well end with a couple things I'm thankful for: warm coats; the US Postal system; Mission Presidents (especially President and Sister Stoker); Mountain Dew; little kids; pictures; ward members who are professional chefs; mormon.org videos; my wicked awesome family; and most of all, I'm grate to be on a mission right now and I'm grateful that I get to tell people all about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It's wonderful! And it just keeps getting better!

Love you all!

Sister Lindsey Berg

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