Ranting at 3 in the morning.

If there's one thing I've learned whilst taking a creative writing class this semester, it's that I've got a very particular style to my writing. A style full of sentence fragments, vague descriptions, misused commas, and very little rhythm.
And sometimes when I'm attempting to write a paper at 3 in the morning during finals week, I get frustrated. So I write my own form of poetry.

Inspiration is a devil
Lurking right beyond your grasp.
Arriving at the worst times -
Late at night; early in the morning;
Right in the middle of something else.
He teases, he taunts, he mocks.
He guides you down a path,
Then abandons you in the dark.

Inspiration is a cat
With no loyalty to his owner.
He never comes when called,
But shows up when you’re preoccupied,
Yowling for your attention.
He is fickle and picky,
Giving you the impression
That you’ll never be good enough.

Inspiration is a song,
Just one line you can’t get out of your head
And it continues on repeat.
Yet the rest of the song is a mystery,
That won’t stop playing until it’s discovered.
So it circles around like a vulture,
Hunting all clarity still found in your mind,
And driving it away.

Inspiration is that one warm day,
Right in the middle of March,
That reminds you of sunshine and shorts,
Taunting you with freedom and happiness.
Because when it snows the next day,
You can still feel the warmth on your skin,
The hope that summer will come again,
Just not today.

Inspiration is a whore.
She flirts, she begs,
She leads you on,
Yet has no intention of staying around.
She’ll love you for a moment,
Make you believe she’s all you need.
She’ll leave you wanting more,
Then she’ll move on.

Inspiration is a dream,
Hiding on the edge of consciousness.
Yet the more that you reach,
The more it retreats,
Leaving you with nothing more than the belief
That something was there,
Something not quite solid,
An image lost in shadow.

Inspiration is the worst kind of friend.
It only takes, never gives
You can never depend on him,
Always bailing at the last minute,
Never there when needed most.
Like while writing a paper for a class.
Where are you?

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