I know, I never thought I'd serve a mission either.

Believe it not kids, I'm going on a mission.
Yes, the girl who has said for her entire life that she would never go on a mission - me - actually has a mission call.
To the New Hampshire Manchester mission.
I actually got my call a couple weeks ago. I just haven't had a chance to blog about it. So sue me.
Anyway, I leave on March 13th. I'll be in the Provo MTC for two weeks, then I'll get shipped out. The Manchester mission covers most of Maine, almost all of New Hampshire and Vermont, and even goes into New York and Massachusetts a little bit. So I'll probably be all over New England.
And guys. I'm stoked.
I've always thought I'd love to live on the East Coast, especially up in the New England area. And this is my chance to do it. On top of that, I get to be serving the Lord. I'm so excited!
I've already found and throughly stalked my mission president's blog, and looked up what the areas are like. From what I've found on Wikipedia (since I've never been to New England), I can expect lots and lots of humidity. Pretty mild summers, only like 70s or 80s. And then a nice and cold winter, like in the 20s or 30s. Yesss.
I've already bought rainboots to wear.
So now I've just got to wait to leave. I'm staying in Provo until February, living in Kelsey's apartment, since I already sold my contract. I'm planning on just working and going to school. Since I have to take 6 credits to keep my job, I signed up for a few first block classes that end at the end of February. They might be a little rough to get through though. Already I have no motivation to do anything in the classes I'm in now. I just want to leave!
Gah. It's great though. I have so many other friends getting their mission calls now too. When I get home I know I'll still have some single friends - unlike Kelsey, who came home to find every single one of her friends married.
Isn't it funny though? When Kelsey came home from her mission in June I was still saying I wasn't really thinking about a mission. Now, only 5 months later, I have my own mission call. It just works out so perfectly. I had been kind of thinking about going next fall when I turned 21. But then in General Conference they announced the age change, making me eligible now. And it just works out so much better. Everything has fallen in place. I can leave before I get too involved in the Advertising program, I sold my contract (and with all the girls leaving to go on missions, it's pretty difficult to sell a contract in Provo right now), and I just feel like I need to go.
It's a little hard to do for sure. Right now is when all my guy friends are starting to come home from their missions. I'm going to miss seeing most of them. I was really excited to start the Advertising program, and now I'll be a little behind when I come back, since Advertising changes so quickly. I was going to go live with my cousins in Maryland for the summer, and we had so many great plans that I won't be able to do now. On top of that, I'm leaving all the friends I've made already this year, as well as everyone else.
It's gonna be rough. But in all honesty, I can't wait.

(If you're reading this and for some reason don't know what kind of mission I'm talking about, click on the 'I Believe' link in the right column. Or go here.)

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  1. proud of you darling :) even though i do wish you were staying for my own selfish reasons. LOVE YOU!