I've never eaten so many leftovers in my life.

Dear Everyone:

It's been a rough week. Sad news from this week: Anthony isn't getting baptized on Saturday anymore. Satan is way too good at what he does. We aren't really sure what happened, but Anthony decided that he just isn't ready to be baptized and doesn't want to go to church at anymore - at least for a little while. It's a disappointment, but people have their agency.
Ezra is still getting baptized Saturday though, so that's good.
Zone conference was great! Elder Nielsen is an awesome speaker. It was really exciting listening to him and I learned a lot. We talked all about how when it comes down to it, everything we do in this life, everything we work for is between us and the Lord. No one else really matters. The only thing that is important is my standing with the Lord. Which is true. We also talked about how we weren't sent here to be average. We were sent here to be extraordinary. And if we're willing to put in the effort, it'll happen!
Talk about an awesome pep talk!
Other than that we've just been doing a lot of finding this last week. Trying to talk to people and find new people to teach. We haven't really found anyone new yet, but we've talked to a couple people who have a lot of potential. So hopefully we'll be able to talk to them again this week and turn them into actual investigators.
So we're just chugging along here in Montpelier. There's not a whole lot going on, but what is happening is good for the most part. The members here are amazing. Sister Frampton and I must look like we're starving or something, because we've had so many people give us food this week that we barely had to buy anything grocery shopping today. It's wicked awesome. We've also had like 6 people invite us over for Thanksgiving. We're planning on making the rounds.
Well that's the report for this week. Hopefully things around here will pick up soon and I'll have something more exciting to share next week!

Love you all!

Sister Lindsey Berg

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