The most wonderful time of the year!

Dear Everyone:

I love General Conference! No joke, it's more exciting than Christmas for missionaries!
Of course, I haven't been on a mission during Christmas yet, so I can't say for sure.
But still. What's more exciting than listening to modern-day prophets and apostles tell you revelation from the Lord meant specifically for US?
Nothing. That's the answer. Nothing.
Seriously though. General Conference was so great. I loved it. President Monson is amazing.
Other than that, this week wasn't too extraordinary. We had Zone Interviews last Wednesday, which were great. President and Sister Stoker are so awesome. We were talking to Sister Stoker about eating healthy. She went on a little bit of a rant about how the Elders don't take care of themselves and eat nothing but frozen pizza and mac & cheese.
Sister Frampton and I just looked at each other, because we had had frozen pizza for lunch the day before and brought mac & cheese with us for lunch at Interviews.
If I'm gonna get chubby, I might as well serve a mission and get chubby for the Lord. So no worries.
Jeremy was able to come to the Sunday morning session of conference. He really enjoyed it and he's doing really well. Still no set baptism date, but he's continuing to progress and move forward. We were sitting a couple rows behind him at General Conference (because we were watching it at the Chapel) and at one point one of the speakers brought up 2 Nephi 31. We had talked about that chapter this last week with Jeremy when we taught him. When the speaker brought it up Jeremy turned around and looked at us, pointed to the screen and gave us a big thumbs up. Apparently, he remembered that we had talked about it as well. He's so great!
Other than that we've just been working on finding more people to teach. We've been working with a few less actives but we've also had to drop a few people. One thing that really amazes me is actually something they talked about in Conference - how people can have a strong testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel, yet not truly be converted to it enough to live it.
I just feel like they go hand in hand. It's like knowing the way you have to go to get home, yet choosing not to go that way.
Actually it is exactly that. When you have a testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel, you know that it is the only way that you can go to return to our Heavenly Father someday. Yet if you choose not to live it, it's like you're purposely going in the opposite direction. Which makes no sense.
I just don't understand people.
So we're working on finding those who are looking for the way back home. Hopefully we'll find some soon. We're certainly trying!

Well, I love you all. If you didn't have the chance to listen to conference, go to lds.org and listen to it there! Heck, go and listen to it again! It's that good!

Sister Lindsey Berg

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