I'm 21?

Dear Everyone:

I'm another year older! Not sure about the wiser part. Pretty sure I still feel like I'm 17. But whatever.
This week was great though! Jeremy committed to baptism! His date was October 19th, but for various reasons he won't be able to be baptized then. So we're gonna have to figure out a different date. But still, he wants to be batized!
It's so great! Jeremy is awesome. I guess he had a couple people tell him to be careful, because Mormonism is a cult, we don't believe in Christ, and we're all polygamists (all of which, in case you didn't know, is false. If you have any other questions, feel free to watch this great video! Even if you knew those were false, feel free to watch the video anyway, because it's awesome!). But Jeremy told them what's up! He said "I don't think so. I'm pretty sure it's true. So I'm gonna follow it. Because it's true."
I love it. Being a missionary is great.
We also went on exchanges this weekend. When I got back to the apartment on Saturday night, my amazing companion had decorated it all to surprise me! Isn't she great?
Saturday night was also the General Relief Society Broadcast as well, and it was great as usual! Before the broadcast our Relief Society had an activity, where we all had milk and cookies and a little bit of extra spiritual enlightenment! Sister Frampton and I taught the ladies in the ward a little bit about how to use Preach My Gospel in your own personal, and how it can apply to everyone's life - not just missionaries!
Wondering how you too can use this awesome tool? Here's a brief summary of what we taught Saturday:
There's a lot of great chapters in Preach my Gospel for all different questions, needs, and desires. But we focused on Chapter 6. How do I develop Christlike attributes? The attributes are Faith, Charity, Hope, Love, Virture, Knowledge, Humility, Patience, Diligence, and Obedience - all things that everyone continually needs to work on! There's a really cool activity at the end of the chapter that asks questions in each category. You rate how you're doing with each question on a scale of 1-5. Then, you see how you score. That helps give you an idea of which attribute you could study! Or, you could just pick one that you know you struggle with! But don't spend the next 4 months studying patience. Everyone always needs more patience, but we're supposed to strive to be well-rounded individuals. Add in some variety.
That was pretty much the just of what we went over. We went more in depth, actually studying one of the attributes, but I'll leave that up to you guys to actually do. My e-mail time is limited, after all. There's some suggestions as to how you can study the sections at the end of the chapter as well. So check it out!
So ya. That was the week pretty much. Vermont is great. The leaves are beautiful! I tried to take some pictures, but cameras just don't do it justice. Sorry.

Love you all!
Sister Lindsey Berg

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