Dear Everyone:

Fall is in the air! It's cold! The leaves are changing colors! It's gorgeous!
But back to missionary work.
Jeremy came to church yesterday! We weren't able to talk to him a whole lot afterwards, but I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it. We have a lesson with him tomorrow, so we'll be able to talk more about what he thought then.
So we have a college in our area - Norwich. It's a private military college. Fun fact, we were told that it's also one of the top 5 most haunted college campuses in the US. Not sure if it's true or not, but it is kind of creepy.
Anyway. We're doing the New Testament/Life of Christ for institute this year. So Sister Frampton and I decided that we're going to start spending a few hours each week inviting people to institute! Because even if they aren't LDS, everyone could learn a little more about Christ! Hopefully we'll see some success from it.
We also were able to go and visit a lot of less-actives this week. It's sometimes really frustrating, the reasons people give for not being active anymore. Sometimes I really just don't know how to help people who refuse to see the hand of God in their lives.

Side note, have you seen this video? I think it's a pretty good one. A little cheesy, but good. Watch it!

Shout out to my mom, Aunt Audrey and Uncle Alan, Aunt Madilyn, and Angie, Abi and Paige for the awesome birthday presents! I have the best family ever.

So that's all for this week! Stay warm, drink some apple cider, and enjoy fall while it lasts!

Sister Lindsey Berg

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