My streak is broken.

Dear Everyone:

It's a miracle! My streak of never having a companion for longer than a transfer is finally broken! Sister Frampton and I are staying together for another transfer and we're both staying in Montpelier! We're stoked! We both have a feeling that things in this area are really going to start picking up soon, and we can't wait! We've got lots of big plans for this transfer, so now we've just got to put them into action. We're pretty excited!
So, last week I promised I'd tell you more about Jeremy after our lesson with him. He's incredible! Like I said last week, he had asked what he should read before our appointment. We had suggested Moroni 10, because it's one of the best. When we got there for our lesson, this is the first thing he told us:
"I didn't do the reading. I hope that's ok. I didn't want to read just that one chapter, so I decided to start at the beginning of the book. I got through chapters 1-8, but I didn't have time to finish 9 and 10. I'm sorry."
Ladies and gentlemen, that is what a golden investigator sounds like.
Jeremy is a gem.
He's such a great guy though. The lesson was awesome. He already has such a strong relationship with Christ. He grew up in a very strong Christian family and loves the Bible. That's actually one thing that he pointed out - he enjoyed the Book of Mormon because it was so similar to the Bible and it said essentially the same things. He really wants to go to church next week, and we're excited for him to come!
Kellie is out of the hospital, which is good. She came to church yesterday, which is even better! But she's moving to St. Albans today, which is not so good. So we're not going to be teaching her anymore. But we're going to refer her to the Elders out there and hopefully they'll be able to connect and she'll continue to be taught. She really has a desire to get baptized and to receive those blessings that the Gospel can bring her. I'm not completely sure if she's ready to make the changes necessary to receive those blessings right now though. Hopefully she proves me wrong!

The picture is from district meeting this week. Elder Jones is 'dying' and going home tomorrow, so we had a funeral for him. Also, we decided to take a district picture. Enjoy.

So that's the report for this week. Vermont is great. I'm loving it.
Love you all!

Sister Lindsey Berg

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