When you rake leaves it sounds like the ocean.

Dear Everyone:

This week was a strange one. I'm not completely sure why. It was just off. But it was still pretty good.
We raked leaves this week! You can't serve a mission in New England and not rake leaves for service at least once.
Hopefully I'll only have to do it once.
Just kidding. It really wasn't that bad. It was actually pretty fun. It just took a long time. And there were a lot of leaves.
We saw Jeremy this week and talked about General Conference. He was able to go to the chapel and watch one of the sessions, so we were really interested to see what he thought about it. Luckily for us, Jeremy is awesome. He said "I wanted to really know if these people were called of God or not. So I prayed about it before I went, while I was there, and after I left. And I felt really good. I'm pretty sure they are called of God."
I love missionary work.
Unfortunately, smoking is a hard habit to break. So Jeremy still doesn't have a set baptismal date. But he said he'd pray about one this week, so that he'll have something concrete to work towards. I'm so stoked about it.
Speaking of being stoked, President and Sister Stoker spoke at our Stake Conference yesterday!
It was awesome. They talked all about how to be member missionaries. Our mission recently came up with this sweet list: 82 ways to do Member Missionary Work.
We're going to start incorporating that into our interactions with members. A lot of the people out here want to share the Gospel. They just have no idea how.
And I can't blame them. I have a name tag and most of the time I have no idea how to share the Gospel either.
But that's what this list is for. To help give some specific, practical ideas.
However, we think 82 is a weird number, and Sister Frampton and I are working on compiling more to make it an even 100. So I'm expecting participation here - if you read these letters and you've had any awesome missionary experiences, send them to me! Send me the ways you share the Gospel with people! Even if you don't think it's awesome, if you've done it, share it!
K thanks. You guys are the best, so I'm expecting millions of e-mails next week.

That's all I've got for this week folks. Life is going good. Transfers are next week and Sister Frampton and I are crossing our fingers that we'll stay together another transfer. We'll see what happens.

Love you all! Do work! Especially of the missionary kind.

Sister Lindsey Berg

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