The odds are ever in my favor.

Dear Everyone:

So last weekend was the Reaping. Or, in other words, transfer calls.
Luckily, Sister Frampton and I are staying together another transfer in Montpelier! Yes! We're stoked!
This week was a good one though. We just started teaching a less-active couple, Troy and Kathy. They are my favorite. Troy looks like ZZ Top, and has Kathy's name tattooed on his arm. Kathy has a pink mullet. They're the nicest people ever. Fun story about why we're teaching them again though:
Kathy has had a strong testimony of the Gospel ever since she was baptized 12 years ago. She just doesn't come to church because she usually works on Sundays and Troy decided to stop going. Troy stopped going because he felt like he didn't know enough, and hasn't really been interested in learning for a while.
Troy works as a night janitor at Norwich, the college in our our area. There'a a member of our ward who works as a professor at Norwich. This member was challenged a few months ago to place a Book of Mormon on his desk as a missionary opportunity. He had it there for about a month, yet no one said anything, so he took it off. Little did this member know though, Troy, who cleans his office, had seen it. And noticed it. And wanted to talk to him about it. But, despite being pretty intimidiating himself, Troy was scared to bring it up.
Fast forward to the week before General Conference. Troy finally mustered up the courage to talk to the member about it, and this member invited him to Priesthood Session. Troy loved it and so we set up an appointment and went and started teaching him and Kathy again!
Member missionary work is the best!
This week was also interesting though, in several ways. One of which is finding out how awkward it is to teach the Law of Chastity to a single man, right after he introduces you to his girlfriend that you didn't know he was dating. That was a fun one. Luckily, it went over well though, and he's still moving forward :)
Life is good though. Missionary work is great. We're working on finding lots of people to teach and helping the ward as much as we can. The ward members here in Montpelier are amazing. They're trying so hard to share the Gospel, they're making it easy for us! 
But, I'm about out of e-mail time. Thanks so much to those who have already sent me their missionary experiences, you guys are great! Hopefully I'll continue to receive more next week!

Love you all!

Sister Lindsey Berg

P.S. The picture this week is of our district at district lunch. Obviously, us Sisters get along well. The Elders are a little more awkward.

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