Good music.

Oh it's been nice being home. As much as I'm loving college, my roommates, and even Provo, it is nice to be home and have my mom cook for me again. And a dishwasher.
But anyway. I've been semi productive with my time at home. What have I done? Found a bunch of new songs of course.
So just go on over the side bar and pause that great playlist I've already got going, and listen to this great new stuff I've found.
Here's one song that I've listened to like 200 times already. I'm so excited for this movie, and I feel like this song will fit it perfectly!

This cover is also an amazing version of this song. I love it as well, because it's kind of softer, more intimate. Plus, there's a free download link. Whats not to like about free songs, right?
Ok, next song. I love Snow Patrol, I really do. This song is from their new cd, which comes out next year. It's sad, yet amazing. Plus, I love New York.

Here is another one. This one might be more well known, simply because Maroon 5 is well known. But I've never heard this on the radio, so I'll share it anyways.

If you're as big of a Maroon 5 fan as I am, look up the song Just A Feeling as well. It's also an amazing song from the album Hands All Over.
Ok, only like 3 more, I promise. First, this one:

Whats not to like about The Fray? That's right, nothing. This song is amazing. So excited for the new album. But that's just me.
Next song:

Darling song. Cute music video. Just amazing. Love it. So much.
Ok, last song. For now. I promise.
This song. Is great. This video has been up on youtube since 2008, yet still doesn't even have 200,000 views yet. And its the best version online. I just don't understand.

Ok, thats all the videos I'll post. But incase you're wanting more, here's some links:

  • You might have heard God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton. However, Dave Barnes' version is amazing, if not better than Blake's. Which is saying something, especially since I love Blake.
  • I love the song Lets Dance to Joy Division, by The Wombats. It's a good one. So great, it just makes you happy.
  • Satellite, by Guster is another good song. It's really chill, and just great to listen to. So listen to it.
  • I love Jon McLaughlin. I really do. So of course, I love this song, What I Want. You should too.
  • Mat Kearney is another good one. So is his song Dancing In The Dark.
Ok. That's all. I'm done.
Hope you enjoy :)

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