Home Sweet(?) Home

These girls. 
I miss them. Sure, I've already seen Julie and Paige multiple times since we moved out. And we only moved out like a week ago (not even that long).
But I miss them. I miss living with them.
So I moved home for the summer. And I'm still not sure how I feel about it.
I like home. I like Heber, I like my house. I love my family, and I love having an amazing mother who will do my dishes and cook me food.
But still. It's so different than what I've been used to the last 8 months.
I loved living on my own. I loved being able to have the ability to leave whenever I wanted, go where ever I wanted, and return whenever I wanted. I was the only one who had to deal with the consequences (mostly no sleep).
Don't get me wrong. My parents are great. Ya, it sucks having a curfew again, but it's not unreasonable. I know and understand why I have to be home at a certain time.
I just miss it. I miss Ben, Taylor, Conner, Jay, Jesse, and all those other Orem boys showing up at my apartment with no warning.
I miss Stacie and Brooklyn and Christina living upstairs, with Suzanne and Cassie just a couple minutes away in Heritage.
I miss staying up late, talking to Paige, Julie, and Rachel about stupid things. I miss finding new music in the middle of the night. I miss looking at the clock and wondering why we're up so late, then staying up for another two hours. I miss fighting for space, so that I can take a nap on the couch. I miss talking about who is dating whom in the ward, obsessing over the latest RM who has caught our eye, and wondering why we're still single over bowls of honey popcorn and cups of herbal tea.
I miss it all. And it's only been a week.
I just feel like I'm going to miss so much. Being a half hour away. And soon I start work. 10 hours a day. 4 days a week.
Everyone else is in new apartment complexes. New wards. Meeting new people. Making new friends.
I'm at home. With the same people who I've known since I was 6. And all my friends are in Provo.
I loved college. I didn't want to leave. I didn't think it'd be this bad though.
I wasn't homesick for Heber during school. But now that I'm back in Heber, I'm homesick for Provo. I even go down everyday for work, and I still miss it.
Oh BYU. Oh freedom. I miss you.
Baby come back.


  1. Awww I loved this! Except for the apartment-sick part :(. We had an amazing eight months! Keep visiting :).

    Babe, waiiiiitt!