At Peace.

Today, as I was walking past the gardens in between the HFAC and the MOA I realized something.
I am completely, totally and absolutely content.
With school, my life, everything.
It just kind of hit me.
I love my school. I don't care how zoobie that makes me sound, I love BYU with all my heart. I love the campus, I love the professors, I love the students. I love having a professor bring up a scripture or a quote from a prophet in the middle of their lecture. Sometimes it can seem a bit overkill, but I generally don't mind. Because it just all fits together so perfectly. It just makes sense.
I love my job. It's not the most exciting thing, I don't make tons of money, and I will admit its definitely not something I want to do for the rest of my life. But its perfect for right now. I like what I'm doing. I get to choose my hours. I can work as much or as little as I want. I get to do my homework while I'm at work. And while I might not know anyone there (except for Allyson) I really like my boss. I enjoy going to work everyday. I even look forward to it a lot of the time.
I love my classes. Even though they just started and I'm not quite sure what I've gotten myself into, I love them. Most of them anyway. I'm really thinking I chose the right major. Advertising is just perfect for me. I don't mind reading my advertising textbook. I'm actually kind of enjoying it even. That seems like a good sign to me. I've been thinking about minoring in film as well. And my Intro to Film class today made me want to study it even more.
I love the people I'm surrounded by. This could probably go along with the 'I love my school' paragraph above. I've met some great people. People who I've only associated with once or twice, and people who I see and talk to everyday. I've got a great FHE group and a great ward. My roommates are amazing, we all get along so well. Maybe too well. I've made friends and grown so close to certain people, I can't believe I just met them in the last few months. There are so many people who have already left such a strong impact on my life, I almost can't believe it.

Maybe it was just the fact that despite being the beginning of January, it felt like spring today. Fresh, clean, hopeful. It just made me think, and on my bus ride home I began to truly understand how happy I am with my life right now.
This song has been on almost constant repeat the last few days. No matter how rough my life gets, I just need to remember my realization today.

I've got everything I want.
I've got everything I need.
And there is absolutely nothing I want to change.

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