Amazing Grace

Dear Everyone:

This week was awesome. And slow. But there were enough miracles that took place to make up for it being slow.
Miracle #1: Sister Jackman's "Best Two Year's moment".  It was about 7:30 and we hadn't eaten dinner yet. We were driving to visit a potential and invite her to the Stake women's conference this Saturday. We passed a Subway on the way, and, remembering that we had a giftcard from a ward member, Sister Jackman suggested we go to Subway for dinner, since we had no food in our apartment. I agreed, so after visiting the potential, we went to Subway. There, we discovered that the girl who was making our sandwiches is friends with our recent convert Eliza! Then, as we were talking to that girl, the other lady working there, Amber, heard us talking about church, and at the first pause in conversation asked "What church do you go to?" We started talking to her and found out that she's been looking for a church for her and her 6 year old daughter to go to. She wants to learn more and we're going to go see her this week!
Some people would say that was coincidence, we were hungry and happened to go to Subway. We prefer Elder Calhoun's view of it as inspiration. Side note - that potential, Peggy, also became a new investigator, and we're having dinner at her house Saturday :)
Miracle #2: A couple Elders in Massachusetts just got themselves a golden investigator. We had another lesson with Steven, Sister Miranda's friend yesterday. We taught him about the Restoration and talked with him about how he can know the Book of Mormon is true. And then, we committed him to be baptized!
That's where the Elders in Massachusetts come into play. Unfortunately, like I said in my e-mail a couple weeks ago, Steven actually lives in Mass. So although he's been coming to church up here, he has to be baptized in the church in his area. Which luckily is a singles ward (Steven's 25 and single), so that will be good for him. We got the phone number for the Elders down there and had Steven call them. While we are all at Sister Miranda's. We also had him put it on speaker phone, because we wanted to hear the Elder's reaction. Steven called them, they answered, and he said "Um hi. My name is Steven. I want to get baptized." Every missionary's dream come true. The Elders sounded awesome, set up an appointment with him for tomorrow, and Steven was stoked. I'm so excited for him! Bummed that we won't get to be a part of it anymore, but excited for him to draw closer to Christ!
Another fun part: right after Steven hung up the phone with the Elders, we all just sat sat there in silence for a moment. Then Sister Miranda said, "I never would have imagined this happening." It was really funny. And that is why you should share the Gospel with all your friends! You never know who's ready! The life it could bless next!
There were many more miracles than just those 2. But those were probably the most exciting ones from this week. We also had one of our less-actives tell us that she gave us our own ringtone on her phone- 'Amazing Grace'. That's how you know someone loves you. When you get your own personalized ringtone.
That's all for this week though. I can't believe May starts this week, and that Mother's day is in just 2 weeks! Time is going by so fast!
I love you all!

Sister Lindsey Berg

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