Butter makes everything better.

Dear Everyone:

This week wasn't too exciting. Yesterday was awesome - Easter! We had an amazing sacrament meeting out here, all about the Atonement. Which, speaking of the Atonement, if anyone feels like reading a talk that will totally change your perspective, read this one - 'Apply the Atoning Blood of Christ' by Elder Neal A. Maxwell. It's soo good. It goes along really well with Elder Bednar's talk from general conference as well, talking all about how the Atonement is so much more than just what we use when we repent. The Atonement is what helps us get through everyday. It's what gives us strength in hard times, what helps us become better and more like the Savior.
That's why Easter is so wonderful.
Other than that, our week was pretty slow missionary-work wise. We had Zone Conference this week, which was exciting. Those are always good.
This week I also had a true New Englander experience - ripping apart my own lobster. Brother Smith is our ward mission leader, and he is all about us truly feeling like we were born and raised in Maine. So he treated us to lobster and clams this week. The lobster was all nice and warm, and, dipped in melted butter, it was pretty good! The clams were a little interesting, but dipped those in butter as well and they aren't too bad.
Yesterday, for Easter we went to two different houses for lunch and dinner. The members here in Saco take good care of us! For dinner we had deep fried turkey - that was good. There were like 5 families from the ward there, as well as us and the Elders. Ward family parties are the best kind of party.
Nothing special is coming up this week. Just the usual - finding people to share the gospel with! It's been really hard to find solid people to teach out here. A lot of people are willing to listen to us a time or two, or they love us coming and sharing messages with them, but so many people are unwilling to commit to doing anything. 'Faith without works is dead' isn't commonly known around here apparently. So we're just trying to find those people who are willing to put in the effort to allow the Gospel to change their lives. Nothing good ever came without a little effort, and we're trying to help people recognize that.

Well, I hope everyone had a good Easter, and that you all watched the Because of Him video. If you didn't, go watch it now! It's amazing! It works for all the time, everyday, not just around Easter!
Love you all!

Sister Lindsey Berg

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