The e-mail this week has no real purpose.

Dear Everyone:
This week was alright. Nothing to exciting to report unfortunately. We found out today that for someone to classify as a 'progressing' investigator, they need to be going to church. Which means that we have like 2 progressing investigators. Out of the 7 or 8 people we teach regularly. I don't know what it is with New Englanders, but they do not like to go to church! Which I just don't understand. I love church. It gives me the chance to feel like I'm home every week. That is the beauty of this church you guys - no matter where you are in the world, it's the same everywhere. I love it.
Sister Aeschbacher and I are teaching a lot better together. We still have to work out a few bugs here and there, but we've improved a lot. We're also trying to find more people now. We've knocked on more doors this week than I ever have in my mission. We've talked to a lot more people on the street. We've found a few people who might be interested, but no one that we've actually taught yet. And we technically live in the Elder's area, so almost everyone that we contact around our house, we end up just referring to them. Those blasted Elders, stealing all of our people.
Last Monday was both mine and Sister Aeschbacher's 2 months mark. We celebrated by getting frozen yogurt! This missionary life, it's pretty hard core. It really is crazy to think that I've been out for 2 months already. And I know it's not really a milestone at all. But sometimes it feels like I've been out here for a lot longer. Other times it seems like just yesterday I was hanging out at King Henry or watching Lord of the Rings with the family at home. Time is weird on a mission.
I'm sorry the e-mail this week is wicked lame. I really don't have much to say. Kelly, the investigator who we're hoping will get baptized soon, is still struggling with Word of Wisdom stuff. We're gonna set another date in June and hope she can reach that one. She's in the middle of moving to Concord right now, which doesn't help the situation. Mostly because our area doesn't cover Concord, so we won't be able to visit her once she moves, unless she comes to Manchester. Luckily, they're only about 30-45 minutes away from each other, but that's still a drive.
The weather is hot. And humid. And rainy. It's super pretty though. There really are trees all over the place out here. Sister Aeschbacher and I have kind of starting wondering why God chose green for plants. What would Earth be like if he chose purple instead? Just a thought from an easily entertained missionary who walks around for 3-4 hours a day. I'm sure you all feel so much more enlightened now. You're welcome.
Life in the Shire is pretty good. Like I said, not much to complain about. Just walking around, trying to bring people to Christ, help them know how they can be happier. The usual.

I love you all. I love getting letters from people (I actually got quite a few this week. Good work team! Don't start slacking on me now though. Endure to the end!), they make my week. I hope life is good. Read your scriptures every day. Moroni 7 has been one chapter we've used a lot recently, it's a pretty good one. Check it out maybe?

Seriously though. I love each and every one of you.

Sister Lindsey Berg

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