This is how New Englanders use 'wicked'.

Dear Everyone:
Transfers were last week. Not gonna lie, I was wicked nervous to see who I'd end up with. Ready to know who I got?
Sister Aeschbacher!
Yup, the very same sister who was in the MTC with me and who I had already gone on two exchanges with. Now we're actual companions. It's wicked fun. And wicked hard. Our teaching styles are wicked different. So this week has been rough. Wicked rough. Because not only are we trying to get used to each other, but almost everything we've planned all week long fell through. Our appointments fell through. Our backups fell through. Our backups for our backups fell through. It's been wicked frustrating.
On top of that, very few of our investigators are actually progressing anymore. We've still got a couple of solid people, but not very many.
Free agency is the worst thing ever.
It's all good though. I'm still in Bedford, which is the most wicked area in the mission. We've got all kinds of potential. Wicked awesome potential. So we're carrying on. And one of our investigators, Kelly, is still pretty set on getting baptized as soon as possible. She is wicked sweet, probably my favorite person that we're teaching. We really aren't even teaching her all that much. Kelly has been an investigator for like 2 years, and she knows with all of her heart that the church is true. The Word of Wisdom is just a little bit of a struggle. Which is understandable. Quitting smoking is wicked hard. But she's moving forward and we're shooting for May 31st. It's wicked exciting!
As we all know, yesterday was Mother's day. There's a wicked awesome video that the church made about mothers. Go watch it here. It's wicked cool. Send it to all those women in your life who you love. And maybe a couple you don't love, but who you know would appreciate it. It'll make you feel wicked good inside. Promise. And missionaries aren't allowed to lie.
I know my mother's day was wicked great. Nothing better than getting to call home! It was wicked fun.
I hope my continual use of 'wicked' wasn't wicked annoying. I'm just trying to give you all a feel for how wicked it is out here.
Seriously though. The mission is wicked hard. It really is. I coasted along with Sister Buxton. Neither Sister Aeschbacher and I really know what we're doing. It's all good though. No worries. We're figuring it out.

Love you all. Hope life is going wicked well. If you ever feel like writing a poor missionary a letter, it'd be wicked. And I'd love you forever.

Sister Lindsey Berg

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