Climbin' in your windows... bringing happiness.

Dear Everyone:

This week was a good one, finishing off with me climbing through our neighbor's window last night to open her door after she locked herself out.
We're pretty serious when we say missionaries can help with anything. It even says so in the scriptures (check out verse 17).
Abby (our recent convert) had a good week. She came teaching with us, and taught her first lesson in Gospel Principles! Unfortunately, something came up and she wasn't able to go to the temple, but she'll be there next time.
Her lesson in Sunday school was on missionary work, ironically enough. During the lesson she was talking about how the greatest way we can share the Gospel with people is through our examples. She said, "It helped me when I first started learning, because the Sister Missionaries are the same age as me, and they're always so happy! There I was, out doing crazy, stupid things and I was miserable. And they aren't doing any of that stuff, and they're happy. So I wanted to be happy too!"
Definitely pulled on my heart strings a little with that comment. Missions are the best.
Seriously though, everyone loves being happy. Happiness is kind of the purpose of life, right? It's the one thing that everyone is constantly striving for, yet there seems to be no surefire way of how to find it - until now.
In 8 words, I can tell you how to find happines:

Sincerely read the Book of Mormon every day.

That's it. That's all you have to do.
The key, and the difficult part to that is the sincere part. If someone truly and sincerely reads the Book of Mormon, it will change their life. Why? Because it is the word of God! Because it helps bad men become good, and it makes good men better! Because, as one sincerely reads the Book of Mormon, it will cause "a change in [them], or in [their] hearts, that [they will] have no more disposition to do evil, but to do good continually" (Mosiah 5:2).
There's all kinds of examples in the scriptures showing how the Gospel changes lives! Enos, Alma the younger, King Lamoni, Paul, and so many more! Unfortunately, I have limited e-mail time.  Elder Bednar talks about the purpose of the gospel in a little more depth though, in this talk of his, 'In the Strength of the Lord'. It's a good one. Read it. That's how you find happiness.

Transfer calls are this Saturday. Sister Jackman and I have been together for 4 1/2 months. We're pretty sure something is going to change.
But then again, I've been wrong before.

Thanks all for this week kids. Love you all :)

Sister Lindsey Berg

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