Has spring finally sprung?

Dear Everyone:
Life is good. Abby was confirmed yesterday - so now she's official!
She's so cute. She was confirmed at the beginning of sacrament meeting, and then she came and sat down by us again. She was just beaming. She leaned over to Sister Jackman and I and whispered "I feel so warm! My face, my head, everything! It's just so warm!" We said, "You know what that is, right?" And she goes - "Yup! It's the Holy Spirit!" It was awesome!
We also found 3 new investigators this week - Mike, Leslie, and their 8 year old daughter Leah. They also have another little girl named Kiki, but since she's only 4, she doesn't count as an investigator. Super cool miracle how we found them though - it was actually thanks to some members from a nearby ward, the Windham ward! Leah is in the same dance class as some of the girls from that ward. So Leslie is friends with their moms. And at dance class a couple weeks ago they were talking about food. Leslie apparently was talking about how much she loves feeding people; they're always having people over because her parents own a huge organic farm up by Augusta, and her husband is a chef. Beautiful.
So, to shorten up this story, one of the moms from the Windham ward mentioned that she knows some people who are always hungry - the missionaries! So she called us, gave us Leslie's number, and said she would love to have us over for dinner!
We saw them last Monday, had delicious steak and potatoes, and talked all about the Book of Mormon. Both Leslie and Mike are religious but said that they don't really know much about our church and would love to know more. Tonight we're going to teach them the Restoration, and I'm super stoked. Hopefully they'll continue to want to learn more! They're an amazing family. Leah and Kiki had colored pictures for us to take home with us, and Leslie sent us home will all kinds of homemade canned veggie goodness. If we keep teaching them I foresee our grocery bill getting much smaller.
Isn't feeding the missionaries great? You give us physical sustenance, and we'll help you draw closer to Christ and Eternal Salvation! Sounds like a fair trade to me!
Other than this, this week wasn't overly eventful. Just trying to find a lot of people. We had a funeral on Saturday morning for a less-active lady in the ward who we had worked with. Then that night there was a baptism for one of the 8 year olds in the ward. I was lucky enough to get a call about an hour before the baptism, asking if I could fill in and do the talk on baptism. I didn't want to just copy the talk I gave at Abby's, so I prayed really hard and was able to come up with a new one. I compared life to a corn maze - faith and repentance is helping us find our way to the correct maze, baptism is paying the ticket to get in, and the Holy Ghost helps us find our way through to the end - eternal life. Considering how much time I had to prepare, I thought it was quite a-maze-ing. Ba dum pssh.
So ya. That was this week. This next week will be a lot the same - just trying to find more people to teach. I'm not really sure what's changed; the first several weeks here in Saco I felt like a chicken with it's head cut off. Now we've got all the time in the world, and no way to fill it. We're working on it though. With all this warm weather that's starting to come, the Mainers are starting to thaw out a bit and hopefully people will start answering their doors because they won't have to worry about letting the heat out.
Missionary work is great. The Church is true. General Conference is in two weeks - get excited! I've been counting down the days since last general conference. Invite someone to listen to a prophet of God with you - it'll change their life!
Well, I love you all :)
Sister Lindsey Berg

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