To ye, Montpelier, I bid adieu.

Dear Everyone:

So, it's official. I'm leaving Montpelier. It's been a good run - almost 6 whole months. But, tomorrow I'll head down to Manchester and I'll be shipped off to some other mystery destination.
I'm actually pretty stoked.
It was really hard though, saying goodbye to people yesterday. I love this ward. The members are amazing. And we had an investigator come to church yesterday too! So it's sad at the same time.
I'm excited though. To see where I go next. I'm really hoping I'll go back to Maine. Maybe the coast this time - it'd be freezing this time of year, but it'd be awesome at the same time.
Anyway, our investigator at church yesterday. Brittany. I talked a little about her last week. She's super nice. We've only taught her twice, but she came to church! I think she liked it... hopefully she continues to progress and Sister Burton and whoever my replacement is keep teaching her!
SUPER CRAZY story from this week though. So, Anthony has been meeting with the Elders for the past couple weeks. He lives in their area, and so it's easier for them to teach him than us. He's going through a lot of health problems and we think he had a little bit of a breakdown because of all the medications that he's on, and that's why he bailed on his last baptism date. But, he's been more stable over the past few weeks. And he decided that he did still really want to get baptized. So the Elders had planned a baptism for two Saturdays ago (January 3rd), but Anthony ended up being in the hospital, so it didn't happen. BUT, he got released on Monday. So the Elders went and visited him Tuesday night, Anthony was talking about how sad he was that he wasn't able to be baptized and that he was sad he had to wait longer (he was going back into the hospital on Friday). So then Elder Quinn thought for a second and said, "Well, what are you doing tomorrow night?"

So, Anthony got baptized on Wednesday! It was so awesome! This picture is of Sister Burton and I with him. It was an awesome night - there were a ton of ward members who came, even though it was super short notice. And the Spirit was so strong and Anthony was so excited! It was amazing!
One other crazy story from this week - we were driving to a dinner appointment on Friday night down Vermont highway 14 - a long, lonely stretch of road. Suddenly, we noticed a dog running around in the road in front of us. Naturally, we slowed down and realized there was another dog lying in the road - it had been hit by a car. Another car behind us stopped as well, and we were there for about 30 minutes making sure the other dog didn't get hit, the dog in the road didn't get hit again, and trying to find out who/where the owner was, since the dogs didn't have collars on.
Luckily, we eventually found them, and the dog was picked up and taken to the vet. I think it survived, but made for an interesting night.
This week was more eventful than most. It was a fitting goodbye. I'm gonna miss Montpelier and all the craziness and weirdness that it contains, but I'm excited to go somewhere new as well.
I'll let you all know where I end up next week!

Love you all!

Sister Lindsey Berg

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