For Christmas this year, Vermont got precipitation.

Dear Everyone:

Christmas was awesome! I hope everyone had as splendid a Christmas as Sister Burton and I did! It started by us pulling our mattresses out of our bedroom and sleeping on the floor of the living room on Christmas Eve. Then, Christmas morning, instead of exercising, we opened presents! Then we went to a member's house, Sister Garland, for breakfast. Her only daughter lives across the country, so Sister Garland adopted us for the day and invited us over for breakfast.
Then we had district meeting with the Elders in our ward and the Elders and Sisters from Burlington. President Stoker had moved district meeting to Tuesday this week (because we typically have it on Wednesdays) but we wanted to still have it on Christmas, so we got special permission to not move it. So we had an awesome lesson all about faith, then we had lunch together (we made Cafe Rio!) and had a white elephant gift exchange!
Then Sister Burton and I went to another family's house, the Young's. They're an awesome family in the ward, one of my favorites, so we were excited to spend Christmas with them! We were able to use their computers to skype our families so that was awesome. Then we had dinner with them - some kind of European dish where you melt cheese, then pour it on potatoes. That's about it. It was delicious.
Other than that, the week wasn't too eventful. We met this one girl, Brittany, who has a lot of potential. We're meeting with her tomorrow so hopefully she'll turn into a new investigator - finally!
We also went to a really fun Yankee Swap (White Elephant for all you westerners) party on Saturday. The Goodrich's are a family in the ward, and President Goodrich is also in our mission presidency. They had a Christmas party for a lot of their friends and family (almost none of whom are members) and invited a few of us missionaries as well. It was a ton of fun - we swapped presents, ate a lot of food with maple syrup/maple sugar in it (the Goodrich's are maple farmers), and met a lot of really great people. Unfortunately, they all live in the Elder's area, so we won't really see them again, unless they come to church. But it was still a great experience!
Last night we went to a member meal in Waterbury, which is the opposite end of our area from Northfield, the town where we live. We have very few miles left for the month (we have a limit on how many miles we can go in our car each month, and we have none left), so we decided to use our GPS to find the shortest route home, rather than take the highway.
But, trusting a GPS isn't always the smartest thing to do. So we ended up in the middle of nowhere on a back road that all of a sudden ended in a big pile of snow. While it was snowing. Of course, we had to document the experience, so that's what the picture is this week. Me, lost somewhere between Middlesex and Moretown, Vermont. No worries though, we made it out alive. And it's probably good that we're out of miles, because it rained and then snowed all weekend, so now everything is super icy. And driving on ice is never a good idea.

So that was this week. I hope everyone had a marvelous Christmas! I am so grateful for everyone who sent me letters and gifts - you guys are the best! Have a wonderful New Year, and make some resolutions that will help you become a better person this year! I don't mean the cliche resolution to lose 20 pounds like everyone always makes, I mean something that will really help you to improve your life! Think about that one, long and hard, and make it count! Maybe watch this video for some ideas? Apply it to your life this year! It'll improve your life like you wouldn't believe!

Love you all!

Sister Lindsey Berg

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