Happy Christmas Harry.

Dear Everyone:

I really hope you all get the Harry Potter reference in the subject.
Anyway, this week was pretty mellow. We were basically the only area in Vermont that didn't get covered with ice this weekend. So that was good. We also had Zone Interviews on Wednesday and that was really fun. Then, on top of that, we had exchanges so I spent a day in Rutland, Vermont!
So I guess this week was actually pretty eventful.
Other than that though, not a whole bunch has been happening. We've been trying to talk to people like crazy and we've found a few people who have some potential, but no solid investigators yet.
We had the ward Christmas potluck on Friday and it was a blast! I'm attaching a picture of Sister Burton and I in our festive Santa hats...
The potluck was packed though. We even had Troy, a less active that we've been working with, playing Santa! It was awesome. Best Santa ever.
Well, sorry that this week's e-mail is so short. I'm kind of bad at managing my e-mail time. My bad.
But I hope everyone has a marvelous Christmas! Don't forget the reason why we're celebrating it - because of Jesus Christ!
Thank you to everyone who has sent me a card or a package. I really do have the best friends and family back home :)

Love you all!

Sister Lindsey Berg

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