Well that was fast.

Dear Everyone:

It's official. I'm getting transferred.
Here I thought I was going to be in Augusta for forever. I love Augusta. But President Stoker called us Saturday and said otherwise. Sister Cloward is going to stay in Augusta for another transfer, and I'll be going somewhere new and follow-up training someone who came out last transfer. I was pretty disappointed. I really hoped Sister Cloward and I would be together for another transfer. But I guess the Lord has other plans.
This week was a pretty good one though. Ken has a new baptism date! And he had his baptism interview yesterday and he passed! His new date is August 10th. He told us that he hadn't smoked since that day we visited him and he had picked it up again. So we were pretty excited about that. He gave us a pretty good scare though. We showed up with Brother Maschino, all ready to teach Ken about the joys of daily scripture study. He tells us, in a very serious tone, "I've got a lot of questions today. And they're serious questions. I'm not sure if you can answer them." Then he starts bringing up all these questions about events in church history. The ones that anti-sites just have a hay-day with. Polygamy, mountain meadows massacre, mis-quoted things that Brigham Young supposedly said. The works.
Luckily, Brother Maschino is retired and spends his days crochetting and studying church history/the scriptures. So he knew about all the events and what really happened. So we talked about them all and then, after we talk about them all, Ken tells us that he knew that most of the things were false. That most of the stories and accounts weren't completely true. He just wanted to test us and see if we would tell him the truth about them, or if we would brush them under the rug or not. So we apparently passed his test.
He's such a punk.
Another fun event from this week. I went into a mental institution for the first time! There's a woman in the mental hospital here, Eliza. She's apparently met with missionaries before, but dropped the Elders for some reason. Then someone stole her Book of Mormon. So she referred herself on mormon.org and we stopped by. She's a sweetie. The only problem is that they keep her so medicated that she isn't completely coherent. But she apparently is going to hopefully upgrade to a group home soon. And she told us that she would like to work towards baptism someday. So that was great. Kind of weird, but good.
So that was this week. I really am going to be sad to be leaving this area. The ward here is amazing, I love them all so much. They're just great people. Really humble, really sincere, and just doing their best to share the gospel. And eventually get a temple in Maine. That's the goal.
So the picture this week is Hussey's General Store. Their sign describes Maine in a nutshell. Gah, I'm gonna miss it here.

That was this week. I'll let ya know where I end up tomorrow. Maybe I'll get Vermont this time? Or our mission also covers Dartmouth college. That would be fun, being on a college campus. Guess I'll find out tomorrow!

Love you all!


Sister Lindsey Berg

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