So stoked to meet the Stokers!

Dear Everyone:

This week was a hot one. Not only was it like 95 degrees everyday, there was like 90% humidity. At least. I'm not completely sure, because we can't check the weather, but it felt like a ton. That's the problem with the east coast. You feel like you're constantly sticky. Gross. And we didn't get an AC until Friday night. But it's all good, we're surviving!
Anyway, we met President and Sister Stoker this week! They're awesome. They are definitely different than President and Sister Wilkey were, but not necessarily in a bad way. Just different. Nothing has really changed in the mission so far, but we have Zone Interviews this week, so we might find out some stuff then. I'm really excited though, because in interviews we'll actually have the chance to talk to President Stoker one-on-one. So it'll be great to get to know him a little more.
That was how we spent the 4th of July. Meeting the Stokers. Then one of the less-active members in the ward took us out to lunch and out to get ice cream. Then we tried contacting some people, and no one was home. Then we had dinner at another member's house. So we were well taken care of.
As a side not, being in an area where everyone likes to feed us (and feed us a lot) together with having a companion that doesn't like to run is not a good combination. On the bright side, we get fed so much that we have to buy hardly any groceries each week!
Ken should be getting baptized on the 27th! He came to church yesterday! He told us that he has a lot of questions now, but he seemed to really like it as well. He was supposed to quit smoking last Saturday, but we aren't sure if he's completely dropped it or not. We have a lesson with him on Wednesday and we'll double check everything then. Hopefully none of his questions are too major though, and we'll be able to handle them all. He's pretty solid though, I don't think there's much that'll shake him. We do Book of Mormon classes every Tuesday with the Elders and he came to it this last week. We were discussing the chapter and he said at one point the best thing I've ever heard: "I told my sister (who is a very strong, devout Catholic) that I was gonna be a Mormon..."
Sister Cloward and I just looked at each other. Elder Flake and Elder Neilsen just looked at us. Then we all did the Napolean Dynamite "Yesssss!", with the arm pump and everything. Really subtly of course.
Our ward family missionary plan is going really well too! I love this ward! We were at a family's house, the Houstons, last Monday presenting the mission plan to them. They have 4 kids - a boy and 3 girls. The girls all told us that when they play Barbies they like to make their Barbies go on missions. They're adorable.
We've also been getting a lot of ward members to go out teaching with us. We had a picnic in the park this week with a young woman in the ward - Courtney. It was supposed to be with an investigator as well, but he didn't show up. So we just had lunch with Courtney instead. We even took a picture!
This week was pretty good. Sister Cloward is great, we're getting along really well. Maine is awesome - I actually really really like it here. We've met a few people who really seem like they have some potential. I'll update you if they end up going somewhere! But for now we're just working on getting Ken baptized and strengthening the members!
One other exciting thing - President Stoker told us that we're going to start using the internet and technology a lot more in just a few months! We don't know for sure when, but soon. Which would be really nice. I can handle knocking doors in the heat, but I would really appreciate not having to knock doors in the middle of a Maine winter. Hopefully we'll find out more about what's to come at Zone Interviews!

That's all for this week. Hope everyone is doing well! Love and miss you all!

Sister Lindsey Berg

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