Augustar and Mexican Food

Dear Everyone:
This week was a busy one. Lots and lots of missionary work getting done out here in Augusta! Or, as the Mainers say it, Augustar. Gotta add that extra 'r' to everything.
Well I guess I should mention that I wasn't in Augusta the entire week. We did exchanges again this week and I got to go up to Yarmouth, Maine. I was with Sister Brown, who just came out this transfer. It's always fun to go somewhere different and work with someone other than your typical companion. It helps to find ways to be more effective in our own area. Although there are few things more discouraging than tracting for 4 hours, especially when we were told 2 days before by an apostle (namely Elder Perry) that tracting is just not effective. Little bit of a downer. But it was really fun, we taught some great people. The work is going great all over the mission!
One of our Investigators, Ken, is progressing really well! He actually set a baptism date this last week, but he didn't make it to church Sunday, so it doesn't count. Ken is great guy. He's very blunt, very honest, and very sincere. He asks questions in weird ways that we don't realize are questions. He loves Mitt Romney, Rush Limbaugh, and Glen Beck. He's a treat. His biggest problem though is that he has a lot of health issues. Specifcally with his back - he's constantly in pain. That's why he didn't come to church this week. He ran out of pain meds and could barely get out of bed. Which is frustrating. He also promised to come to church the week before, but fell off a roof that morning, so he didn't make it then either. No shortage of excitement when it comes to teaching Ken. But we're going to try and line up a priesthood blessing for him this week to help with the pain, and he's planning on coming to church for sure this Sunday! If all works out we'll be able to set a new baptism date for him then!
So every Saturday we do what we call 'Bishop Business'. We meet with Bishop Dawbin on Saturday mornings for brunch and to discuss how we can help him and the rest of the ward. It's really good, because it helps us to get to know the ward members better and we also can ask for Bishop's advice on the people we're teaching and how we can best spend our time. This week we did lunch instead of brunch. Sister Cloward and I went over an hour early to help cook it (service!) and we made mexican food! Homemade Cafe Rio! It was soo good. They have no Mexican food in New England. I'm actually pretty surprised that I missed it, considering I rarely ate Mexican food back home. The things you crave on a mission.
The 4th of July should be really fun. We're meeting President and Sister Stoker! I'm really excited to get to know them and see what changes they'll bring to the mission. President and Sister Wilkey were amazing, and it's strange to think that they're no longer here. But change can be good. Especially when it involves helping people change for the better!
Missions are a blast you guys.
Love you all!
Sister Lindsey Berg

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