Sisters don't sweat, we glisten.

Dear Everyone:

The weather in New Hampshire is exactly like it is in Utah. Like I said in my last letter, 2 weeks ago it was cold and rainy all week. This week we had 4-5 days straight of 95-100+ degree weather. It was sooo hot! And now today it's raining again. But that's the reason for the title this week. My companion, who is from the south, said that as ladies, we don't ever admit to sweating when walking around all day. We just glisten more than usual.
Too much information?
Anyway, this week was pretty good. I can't believe we're already on week 5 of this transfer! A few fun things from this week:
We finally got in contact with Oscany and Carolina again! They set a baptismal date about 2 months ago, but then we lost all contact with them for about a month. We had lessons with both of them this last week though, and set a new baptism date for July. Oscany is so great. She's a junior in high school and wants to know the truth so badly. She's amazing. Our lesson this week was all about how she can come to know the truth of what we're teaching for herself. She's still pretty skeptical right now, but I know that she'll come to know the truth of it soon. We're going to try to set up a trip to the JSM with the Earnshaws (Maddie Earnshaw and Oscany are friends) sometime soon. And then Oscany will get baptized and then I'll talk her into going to school at BYU and then we'll all live happily ever after.
We also saw Kelly this week. We were helping a member (who lives in the same building) move out, and we thought we'd stop by and see if we could catch her at home, since she hasn't been answering her phone. Luckily, she was home! She's in the middle of trying to move though, and she feels like her life is too chaotic right now to try to quit smoking. So we're just going to give her moral support for a little bit. She's having a hard time finding a new place to move to though, and Sister Aeschbacher and I are pretty sure it's because she's supposed to stay in Manchester until she gets baptized! She is so close! But we don't know what else to do to help her. So we're trying to figure that one out.
Another cool story - we were walking to an appointment on Tuesday and we stopped to talk to a lady who was outside her house watering her lawn. We talked for a few minutes and we found out that she had been at a friend's house a couple days before. This friend happens to be a less-active member, and she has a DVD of the Restoration video. This lady we met, Louise, asked if they could watch it. They did, she had some questions, and we happened to stop by two days later. We're going to go teach her tonight.
God works in mysterious ways.
Another fun fact - we're making friends with the local Jehovah's Witnesses. Well, only one of them really. Her name is Jessica. She was out doing her proselyting while we were walking around. We had a good 10 minute chat. I even got her to promise to look up Mormon.org. She's driven past us a few times since then and will always honk and wave. Nice girl.

That's pretty much my week. Lots and lots of fun! Nothing too exciting though. Just out and about, doing missionary work. The usual.
I attached two photos to the e-mail this week. One is of Sister Aeschbacher and I at the Zone conference two weeks ago. The other is the view from Betty Butler's apartment. She lives on the 11th floor of one of the few high rises in Manchester. We visit her almost every Sunday. Sometimes the sunset is really pretty and I can't help myself. So sue me.

Well, that's it for the e-mail this week kids. Stay tuned for next week :) Love you all!

Sister Lindsey Berg

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