You guys. I love General Conference with all of my heart and soul. Elder Holland is my most favorite man in the world - other than my dad of course. His talk was exactly what I needed to hear. I can't wait to read it over and over again once the Ensign comes out. I loved it. I might have almost started tearing up during it - but then again, I might not have. Pres. Uchtdorf's talk was amazing as well. And who would have guessed that our Prophet is a former arsonist? It's amazing the things you learn in conference.
So this week was an interesting one. We were challenged to a waffle eating contest at coordination meeting by the Elders in our area. I won. I also learned how to crochet. Those are some highs. Then there were also some lows. We had to drop one of our investigators - she has Alzheimer's and can't remember what we teach her. And she also told us that she will never ever go to church. That was really sad.
But the hardest day was Tuesday. After that day I was about ready to pack up and go home. If that day was any indication of what kind of missionary I'll be without Sister Buxton, I'm not sure why you guys told me I could do this.
Sister Buxton had to go to a leadership training meeting that lasted all day. So we did exchanges with another companionship with a Sister who also had to go to the meeting. I was paired up with Sister Aeschbacher, who had been in my district in the MTC. It was really fun to see her again and we were excited to go and try to figure out missionary work without our trainers. Unfortunately, it didn't go too well. First off, New Hampshire has the most confusing roads in the world. Half the streets aren't on maps and our GPS stopped working. I still don't know the area that well, and since I can't drive (I don't have permission, as I totaled my car this summer... oops.), I was attempting to give Sister Aeschbacher directions. Luckily, we not only stayed within the New Hampshire State boundaries, I'm pretty sure we stayed within the area boundaries as well. Miracles all around. Still, it was frustrating beyond belief.
The hardest part however, was this lady we taught. Nancy. She's been an investigator for a while, and is really moving along. We tentatively planned on extending a baptismal invite, but that didn't happen. As the missionaries have been teaching her for a while we're past the first lessons and now focusing on commandments. We attempted to teach her the importance of reading the scriptures daily and why we're commanded to do so. We thought it would be good, especially since she hasn't followed through on her reading commitments the last several weeks. However, the lesson didn't go very well. Let's just say that Nancy told Sister Aeschbacher and I that we were ganging up on her and she didn't like it, along with several other things. Not good.
Luckily however, she did set up a return appointment still, so hopefully Sister Buxton can salvage this relationship next week. I had never been told that I was intimidating and forceful before, but I guess there's a first for everything.
In other news, in case you couldn't tell by that story, I still have no idea what I'm doing. I'm really hoping I'll figure it out soon though. I think there's a good chance that Sister Buxton will get transferred soon - she's been in this area for 4 months already. And there's a good chance I could be training starting in June - we have 19 new sisters coming out then. I feel so sorry for the poor girl who gets me as a trainer.
I hope you all listened in conference however. Help the missionaries! When members are willing to go teach with us it makes it so much easier. Investigators need friends in the church. Otherwise, they never want to go. Also, referrals are the best thing in the world. They make finding those people the Lord has prepared so much easier. Think of who you know who maybe needs a little more of the Lord's help in their lives. Then tell us about them.

Anyway, I love each and every one of you. You're all the best.

Love, Lindsey

P.S. Paige Montgomery, Julie Linton, Sarah Brothers - I know you guys read this. And I haven't gotten a single letter/e-mail from any of you. I'm calling you out. Right now. Love you. Kthanksbye.

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