I love old ladies with all of my heart and soul.

The people out here in New Hampshire are the best.They say 'wicked' all the time. "I'm wicked sick." "It's wicked cold."
No one ever uses their front door - it's always the side door.
Everyone has a 2-liter bottle of Ginger Ale in their fridge at all times.
Whenever a word ends in -a they always add an 'r' to the end. I've heard 'idear' so many times I think I'm starting to say it.
But my favorite people are the older generation. There's a couple spunky old ladies in our ward. One of them, Sister Betty Butler, is 87. She's a ward missionary, so she's supposed to come teach people with us. She hates it. Sister Buxton and I really wanted her to come teach a less active who lives in her same building though, so we offered to visit Betty and help her clean her apartment. We helped organize her closet and put a bunch of boxes on some shelves that were too high for her to reach - she's a really tiny old lady. Betty told us that she'd take us out for pizza or ice cream sometime to repay us. When we told her all we wanted her to do was to come teaching with us she just kept saying "No, no. No, I'm no good. No, no." So we told her we'd come and pick her up later that evening.
When we got to her apartment that night she told us very grumpily that she was not very happy that we were forcing her to come with us and that we shouldn't expect her to say anything because she wasn't going to. Then, when we got to the less active's apartment Betty proceeded to talk to her for the first 15 minutes. She made lots of great comments during the lesson and almost had us crying with laughter a few times. Then, as we left, she complained that now she would wouldn't get to bed on time because we had kept her out so late and she still had to wash her hair.
I love her so much.
But this was a good week. I extended my first baptismal invitation! It was to this 16 year old girl, Oscany. We've been teaching her mom for a while, but she's not progressing very much. Oscany, however, is amazing. She is so prepared. She's still really curious and not completely certain, but she's amazing. We're hoping she'll be ready by June 17th, and she said that if she gets a confirmation by then she'll get baptized. We're going to try and get the rest of her family to agree to be baptized then as well, because we've been teaching almost all of them somewhat consistently.
Life is good in New Hampshire though. We had 4 investigators come to church yesterday - including Nancy, the investigator who I was so worried about last week. We have 7 members coming to teach with us this week. Everything is going well. We haven't had to do much finding, because we're so busy with the people we already have! Some days we don't have time for lunch or dinner because we have so many appointments scheduled. But I'd rather be too busy than trying to think of new ways to spend our time.
I hit my one month mark this week! It's kind of weird. Someday I feel like I've been out here for forever. Actually most of the time I feel like I've been out here for forever. Sometimes it's a good forever. Other times it's a never ending forever. But we're moving on. Always moving on.
I love each and every one of you. Individually. I really do.
Send me letters. They're better than Christmas. Pray for missionary experiences. They happen more often and are simpler than you'd think. Do work.

Love you all!


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