I'm leaving on a jet plane...

Well guys, it's P-day, once again. First off - I feel a little bad for calling everyone out on no letters last week. I found out most people didn't have my address by then. But still, many of you rose to the challenge, and I appreciate it. Especially the peanut butter bars from the Milletts and the brownies from Aunt LoAndra. So good. Not to mention I got letters from Nancy and the Wagstaffs! Miracles are real!
So, I had a few people write me wanting to know more about the MTC. Here's a typical daily schedule: Wake up at 6:30, personal time from 7:00 - 8:20, breakfast, additional study time from 8:50 - 10:50, planning session from 10:50 - 11:20, gym from 11:30 - 12:20, lunch at 1, class from 1:45 - 4:45, TRC from 5 - 6, dinner, then class from 6:30 - 9:30. After that we go back to our rooms, get ready, and in bed and lights out by 10:30. It's long and never ending. TRC is a teaching experience. We teach an investigator, either the same one multiple times, or an inactive member, or a first time investigator. The lady we taught this week was acting as an inactive, and it's actually pretty funny, because she knew dad. Kind of. I guess she worked as a medical transcriber and recognized his name.
Class is long and hard. Half of the time is spent preparing for our 'progressing investigator' which is an alter ego that our teachers put on. One thing - I hate roleplaying. And thats all we do. It's not bad when we're teaching investigators - even though we know they're actors, it's really believable. But I hate roleplaying teaching things with my companion. With all of my heart and soul. And we do it ALL THE TIME. Drives me crazy.
Sister Keigley was sick all day yesterday, so I just sat in our room and studied. I actually really like personal study time. I feel like I'm so rushed all the rest of the time, it's nice to slow down and take my time with my reading.
I leave to New Hampshire on Monday morning! I'm so excited to get out there! I can't wait to see it. It's hard sitting in the MTC, because I'm so close to everything that I'm familiar with. Keep writing me letters! You can also e-mail me now - lindsey.berg@myldsmail.net - but letters are better. I only get to read e-mails once a week, but I read letters all the time.

Well, I'm running out of time. But I love you all. In the words of John Denver (loosely quoted):
"I'm leaving on a jet plane,
next August is when I'll be home again,
write me letters while I'm gone!"

Love you all!


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