30 day challenge, part 5.

5) What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now?

1. Long drives. These always make me happy, but especially now, since I won't be able to go for drives much longer.
2. Getting stuff for my mission. I know, I know. Materialistic. But seriously. Nothing has made me happier the last few weeks than finding the perfect shoes for me to wear everyday.
3. Missionary letters. These always make me happy, but even more so now that I'll know more of what my Elder friends are going through in just a couple weeks. Plus, I miss all my boys, so hearing from them is the best.
4. Talking to friends. I love talking. And I love friends. And I've had some of the most deep, meaningful, and spiritual talks with friends over the last few weeks, than I've had my entire life. And I'm loving it.
5. Sitting at home. I'm antisocial. Oh well. Last year I never wanted to go home, but now I go home at least once a week. And I love nothing more than eating leftovers, playing with Chief, and watching movies with my family. Especially when it's Lord of the Rings, and my dad fast forwards through the talking so all we watch is the fighting. My family might be a little cooler than yours.

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