Working at the car wash as the Gospel rolls forth

Dear Everyone:

These last few days have been full of service. Lots of weeding, helping with a yard sale for the retirement home we do service at, and being a part of the first ever Saco Ward car wash! Free car wash, free hot dogs - it was a great event. So much fun!

Can you find me in the front? Hint, I'm wearing a BYU shirt. Since those are like the only non-missionary shirts I brought out here with me.
Some exciting news from that less active I told you about last week? The one who yelled at us from her car? Well we went and saw her last week - her name is Tisha. And she really wants to try and get back into the church. And we also picked up Tisha's cousin and best friend as investigators. Finally! More people to teach! We're stoked about that. 
On Sunday we also had a fun activity formally titled 'The Gospel rolls forth' (see Doctrine and Covenants chapter 65 verse 2). Pretty much it was just an attempt to encourage home and visiting teaching in the ward. We had a few ladies in the ward volunteer to make several dozen cinnamon rolls and then divided those up onto plates. Each visiting teaching/home teaching companionship was supposed to take two plates and go visit two people on their list. We had to organize who was going to see whom so that families didn't get doubled up on (although I doubt anyone would have been upset if two people showed up at their house with cinnamon rolls). The whole point was to try and get the ward members to go visit those on their list who they don't know as well - and it's a lot less scary to knock on someone's door when you're holding a plate of scrumptious cinnamon rolls. Hence, the 'Gospel rolls forth' name ;)
New England wards are well known for slacking on their home and visiting teaching. All that those two things entail are visiting ward members, in their home, once a month. Men are home teachers, women are visiting teachers. They go and visit, make sure those people they visit are alright, help them if they need anything, and then share a brief gospel message. And the message is practically prepared for them each month - it's in the Ensign!
So easy. All you're supposed to do is be a friend.
I probably shouldn't be so annoyed. I wasn't a very good visiting teaching the last few months before my mission... but I'll be a great one when I get home! Home and visiting teaching is so easy you guys. It's missionary work to people who've already accepted the gospel at one time! Whether they are currently active or not, you automatically have that one thing in common with them! So just go and be a friend and build on that! It would solve so many problems and help so many people if we just were more consistent in that!
Ok, off my soapbox now. But go do your visiting/home teaching!
Last Thursday, I spent the day with Sister Brown while our companions went to the temple. She's currently serving in Portland. We decided to have our own exciting day, so we went mini-golfing, thanks to free game tokens from Brother Smith! I even got a hole in one! But I also went 22 over par. And got beat by Sister Brown, who has never been mini-golfing. Beginner's luck.

Well, that's all for this week. Transfer calls are this Saturday. We'll see whether I finish out my mission here in Saco, or if I'll get to try out somewhere new for my last 6 weeks.

Love you all!

Sister Lindsey Berg

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