Humidity and I do not get along.

Dear Everyone:

Having P-day on Thursday makes for a long week. It's been good so far though - we had FHE with a couple different families on Monday, zone interviews on Tuesday, and then lunch with a couple ladies from the ward yesterday. With all kinds of other missionary work mixed in.

This is Sali and Buffles, the two ladies we had lunch with. We go over every Wednesday for lunch and to help take care of stuff around the house and help Sali run errands. Buffles (on my right) is 105 years old. You read that right. 105. And still going strong.
Sali is her daughter. She's been a member for a while, probably at least 20 years. Buffles got baptized when she was 98. Went through the temple at 99. This lady is amazing. They're so much fun though. I love going over there. Sali is the Gospel Doctrine teacher, so she keeps us updated on what they're studying in the Old Testament, since we typically go to Gospel Principles or help out in Primary. I'll definitely have to study the Old Testament more when I get home.
An awesome miracle from this week - On Saturday, Sister Bateman and I decided to have a 'car fast' day. So we walked all day, trying to talk to people as we walked around town. We were waiting at a stop light to cross and a lady yelled out her window at us, "Hey girls, when you get a chance, come visit me please!" Then she yelled her address to us. Neither of us had any idea who she was, and we didn't really get a good look at her either, because she was like 4 lanes of traffic away.
We stopped by later that night and no one was home. Then we tried again Monday night and still no one. We were walking down the stairs (apartment building) and ran into a couple of guys at the bottom. We started to talk to them and one of them said "Oh hi Sisters!" Apparently he was a less-active member. Who we had the wrong address for. And his wife was also a less-active member. Who we also had the wrong address for. And their daughter is also a less-active member. And her records aren't even in the ward. So we had no idea they lived there. We're pretty sure it was their daughter who yelled at us on the street, because it was a younger lady. Unfortunately, neither his wife nor daughter was home, so we couldn't stay. We're going by again tomorrow and hopefully they'll be home then.
We finally got an A/C unit this week! I love living just a few miles from the ocean, but you guys. I hate humidity. I don't like drinking my air.
Other than that, life is good. We still aren't really teaching very many people, but we've been busy. Trying to find people, helping the ward members, doing all kinds of fun stuff. Missionary work is great.
That's all for this week. I'll be e-mailing again in 4 days, so I'll try and have some more exciting stuff to report by then :)
Love you all!

Sister Lindsey Berg

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