Some of my favorite things.

Three things I love:
1) Boats. (Although I haven't gone boating yet this summer... any lovely friends out there who would like to fix this??)
2) Open air Jeeps. (I will own one someday. I miss Cole, and his jeep. Dang missions.)
3) Motorcycles, and good friends who take me for rides on theirs. (Don't worry Mom and Dad. I always wear a helmet. Usually.)

Oh, and a few other things. Like an exotic vacation in 3 weeks, and a sister who gets home from her mission in 2 weeks... oh, and getting paid to hike around outside all day. Sure, it's hot. And sure, I'm spraying pesticides and smell like chemicals by the end of the day. But hey, it's better than flipping burgers or spending all day in front of a computer screen.
One other thing I love? This.

I love the harmonies. How come we don't have music like this anymore?

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