Highs and Lows

Some low moments from the last few weeks:

  • Not doing so hot on some of my tests - who knew religion could be a hard class?
  • Even with 4 bowls and 8 plates, I got to the point where I had 2 clean dishes... why yes, I am excited for when I'll live somewhere with a dishwasher again.
  • My trusty CHI straightener of 2 years died on me.
  • My goal of keeping my room clean lasted for a week. At this moment, I can't see my floor.
  • Realizing I move out in a month and a half - I don't want to leave.
  • Also realizing how much I truly suck at writing missionary letters. 3 months in between letters is too long.
Luckily, I'm a firm believer that no matter what is going on in life, there is some good to be found. So here is a lovely list of some high moments from the last few weeks:

  • Getting a 98% on my Intro to Advertising test! The testing center screen even said 'fantastic' next to my score. I can die happy.
  • I also got one of the highest scores in my class. Thus, I earned a prize from my Captain America-obsessed professor. Which happens to be a collector's edition comic book from before I was born. And yes, it is awesome.
  • I bought a car. Have I mentioned that? It's my pride and joy.
  • Going to the temple with good friends.
  • Some of the previously mentioned friends getting mission calls to cool places.
  • Getting letters from missionaries who are already in cool places. And the MTC.
  • Buying tickets to the Fun. concert the end of the month!
  • Making plans for a weekend escape to St. George with some amazing girls.
  • Eating my first J-Dawg. I'm not a fanatic, but it was pretty good.
  • Purchasing midnight tickets for the Hunger Games movie.
  • Finding so much good music! Like the new songs playing on the side, as well as songs like this onethis onethis one, this one, and finally, this one. Listen to them all. They're good. I promise. And the last video is actually a band from Provo. And they're awesome.
  • Running into old friends on Macy's runs at 1 in the morning for chocolate milk. Then leaving with Arizonas, instead of chocolate milk.
  • Going and seeing the play Emma at Pioneer Memorial Theatre with my mom, dad, and Sandy. I found it quite agreeable.
  • Watching my first episode of Walking Dead - I'm actually not sure if this should go on the 'high's list. Getting into a new TV show is definitely something that I don't need.
Well, that's my life right now. Can I just say how much I'm enjoying it all? Because I really am. Every second.

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