I'm loving it.

Oh college. It's amazing how much I love it here. Living on my own, studying what I'm interested in, staying up late facebook stalking people with my roommates, pulling all nighters to do homework, and In-n-Out runs at 1 in the morning. I can't believe how much fun it's been so far. Don't hate, just because I'm still singing the praises. I'm only a freshman remember? I'm trying to figure out how I enjoyed high school, compared to how much better college is.
Anyways, want to know some of the things I really do like most about college, specifically BYU? Of course you do, otherwise you would have quit reading by now. There are many, many things I love, but one big one is all the people here, and how diverse everyone is. I'm sure many of you are thinking 'BYU? Diverse? Ya right, everyone who goes there is a white mormon.' That opinion, my dear friends, is completely false. I have many classes with black people. There's a thousand asians on campus. And I've met several people who, in fact, are not LDS. But that's not what I mean. By diverse I mean more specifically the different types of people around me. Only yesterday I saw a guy wearing a kilt around campus. It takes confidence to wear a kilt with swag, but he was doing it, and succeeding. Because I'm at BYU, and it's still pretty close to the beginning of the semester everyone is extremely friendly. Not a day has gone by where I haven't met someone new. There have been several people who I've hung out with that I just met then, and who I haven't seen since.
That's another beautiful thing about college. I can hang out with whoever I want, when I want. I can hang out with someone one day and if things don't click then it's not a big deal, I most likely won't ever see them again. But if you do kind of click with someone then you've got a friend. You have to try to actually get to know someone here, it's not like you are forced to get to know someone. And that's a lot better, because it means you actually like the people you hang out with. It's easier to surround yourself with those who build you up, those who make you laugh, and those who you can be yourself with.
This brings me to point 3. Being yourself. College is amazing that way. I can be myself, and I don't need to feel ashamed about it. People here don't judge, or if they do then I don't care. I no longer have to fit into a social category to have friends. I can hang out with football players in one class, then go to another class and hang out with computer nerds. It no longer matters what they do or what they like, because they are all amazing people who are just great to spend time with.
College has already changed me in that way. No longer do I judge someone on what they're wearing or the activities they're involved in, because I've already been surprised by those around me. It's a great feeling, and it's helping me realize who I am. I'm no longer the doctor's daughter, the girl on the news, the weirdo dancing in the school parking lot, the girl with the accent, the crazy driver careening around corners in a minivan, or any other things I've been known for my whole life. I'm just Lindsey. And although I'm still not completely sure what that means, I'm having a blast figuring it out :)

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