Sorry I'm so boring - although I do write raps.

Dear Everyone:

Not a ton to report this week. Teaching has been pretty slow lately.
Kellie is currently in the hospital for some issues. She no longer has a baptism date and we're pretty positive we're going to drop her soon because of various reasons that I'd rather not talk about on the internet. She's just not emotionally stable enough to make a commitment like baptism.It's a bummer, but it'll be better for all of us. We're here to teach the gospel to people, and we can't spend time teaching people if they aren't willing to make those changes that will eventually bring them closer to Christ.
We did meet a lot of people this week though. No new investigators yet, but a few of those contacts have some real potential. I feel like we're going to get really busy really soon. There's people out there who are ready and waiting for the gospel. We just need to find them.
One fun thing from this week though. Sister Frampton and I decided that we need to be prepared for every situation. So, as we were walking around downtown Montpelier trying to contact less actives, we wrote a rap for the 1st vision. Not gonna lie, it's pretty sweet.

Think Fresh Prince of Bel-Air:

In upstate New York Joseph was confused,
Studyin' different religions, wonderin' what he should do,
Readin' and ponderin', askin' sincere,
Tryin' to find the purpose of why he was here.
When a couple of guys, the Father and the Son,
Appeared to young Joseph, shared what had to be done!
He translated one little book that would change the nations,
It's our guide back to God and eternal salvation.

What up!

Don't worry. We're working on verse two (Plan of Salvation) and verse three (Gospel of Jesus Christ). It'll be wicked awesome.

This week was a slow one. It happens. Life is good though. Just being a missionary. The usual.

I love you all!


Sister Lindsey Berg

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