So this one time, I went to Peru...

So my family, along with my neighbors the Bakers, just got back from a lovely 10 (well, 11 actually) day excursion in Peru. Our main guide's name was Edison, our assistant guide was Ever, our cook was Janet, and our favorite porter was Ernesto. Our trip included 4 days hiking on the Inca trail (with rain 3 out of the 4), lots of plane flights, puns, an unexpected stay in Panama, lots of bus rides, and many more exciting events.
Here's a summary:
'Lets do something sinful! I'll buy you a pretzel.' Rain. Cuy/Cooked guinea pig. No hotel reservations. 'It's chilly in here... No, actually, it's Peru.' Cusco with an s. 'Get a picture of that angel doing a beat down on the devil.' Asian tourist picture. Guess the 70's song for half a sole. Everybody say queso! Panorama. Inca cola. 'I'm not sure, but I think I had 12 pieces of pizza.' Purple corn drink. Beef heart. 'Llama face!' Saxy woman. The Sacred Valley. Chi-cha. Cocoa leaves tea. 'I feel like the president.' Sugar makes everything better. Milo. Popcorn. 'Can we take Janet home with us?' Speed. BS. Golf. 'I'm flattered you'd let me take a picture of you.' Moleskin. Bugbites. 'Don't puke!' Deep life talks with dad under the stars. The southern cross. Fireflies. 'Hello lazy people!' Tea time. Dinner at 7. 'How very European of you.' Machu picchu. Dead woman's pass. 'Lets beat the Incas to the bottom!' Flute music. Manzanilla tea. Anis tea. 'I look like a young german boy without the lederhosen.' Veronica. 'I can see why they call it Obama valley... it all goes downhill from here.' Wild turkeys. Sleeping pills. 'Ever you lied!' Aguas Calientes. Stairs. Ernesto's trail. Urubamba River. Gold. 'And then I woke up.' T-Jammer Jammer and D-Sean Don. Chickens. Born to be wild. 'I just caught a whiff of myself, and it wasn't pretty.' Temples. Ruins. Winay Wayna. Intipunku/Sun gate. Winay Picchu. 'I'd like help up the stairs.' Alpacas. 'It's not a crush. What Ernesto and I have is true love.'  'I've worn the same clothes all week. Actually, that's a lie. I changed my socks.' No electricity. 'Click!' Che Maggy's. Sketchy mexican restaurants. Catfights. 'Do I look like I smoke weed?' Bad luck Brian. 'So you're saying Costco is the center of the universe? Makes sense.' 'Buy a cd, we need it for the pool party.' Bad jokes. 'I just spent $2 on a snickers and I don't regret it at all.' 'I'm not sure if I liked the flan... but I ate 5 pieces.' Fashion show. Traditional clothing. Gold museums. Lima temple. 'Huh? ...We're still in the MTC.' Cathedrals. Catacombs. 'I found the whole experience quite... humerus.' 'That box is simply... a head... of the rest.' Chile's. 'Do they know they gave us cough drops instead of mints?' USA. 'Put a llama on it, make it pretty!'

Warning: Here comes a whole bunch of pictures.

Cathedral in Cusco. 
Asian pictures.

Sacred Valley

He's so cute.

The beginning of the hike.

We made some friends on the trail.

We love rain.

Tea time with Milo and popcorn.

This tends to happen when hiking with a heavy backpack.

See that low point? We were there a few hours earlier. Sandy made it all the way up without puking once.

You know. Just soaking in the view of the Urubamba River.

This might have saved my life after hiking for 8 hours.

Winay Wayna. Sweet ruins by our last campsite.

View outside our tent.

Jared, T.J., and Taylor with Ernesto.

Arriving at Machu Picchu on day 4, after hiking in the rain for several hours.

No mortar, and you can't even fit paper in the cracks. No one knows how they did it. Those Incans were some smart people.

Machu Picchu again the next day, when it was sunny and happy.

Berg family christmas card picture? You know it.

View from Winay Picchu. That's Machu Picchu in the distance.

This is our 'Hold on, we just hiked up a million stairs' picture.

Cathedral in Lima.

When we get stuck in the Panama airport for 8 hours, we play card games.
As you can see, fun was had by all.

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  1. you are so lucky!! I've always wanted to go to macho pichu!! your pictures are incredible